Competition law infringements

  • Antitrust expert reports in the context of administrative or judiciary proceedings regarding infractions to competition law, on abuse of a dominant position and on authority acts (e.g. tender design)
  • Strategic advising services on the design of actions and defenses
  • Supporting services in proceedings on the Competition Tribunal as well as investigations of the National Economic Prosecutor’s Office
  • Expert testimony on infringement proceedings

Known Cases

  • Doggis Franchisees vs. Franchisor and Suppliers - August, 2016

    Report regarding the effects on competition of rebates given to a fast food franchisor

    Download report (public version)
  • TVI vs. VTR - June, 2017

    Report regarding the subject-matter of a case for infringement of the fifth condition of Decision Number 1/2004 of the Competition Tribunal

    Download Report (public version)
  • Private Banks vs. BancoEstado - June, 2018

    Report regarding the effects on competition of different prices charged by BancoEstado to receive electronic funds transfers

    Download Report (public version)
  • Denco vs. Servicio de Salud de Osorno - September, 2018

    Report regarding the effects on competition of the contract award proceedings for the construction of public hospitals

    Download Report (public version)
  • FNE vs. ANFP - November, 2018

    Report regarding the effects on competition in professional football (soccer) of an incorporation fee to be promoted to First Division

    Download Report (public version)
  • Envía vs. Correos de Chile - June, 2019

    Report regarding the costs to serve mayor clients: avoided activities and cost savings by Correos de Chile

    Download Report (public version)